Reasons Why Social Media Is Bullshit

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Content Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink


This morning, I woke up and read Nick Bilton’s weekly New York Times’ column. Nick is a friend and one of the best bloggers/writers/journalists out there. But with today’s column, he was way off base. 

Having already said what I wanted to say about the Path situation, I debated if I should weigh in again. Then I read Nick’s column again. There’s a way to say what he wants to say, but he goes about it the complete wrong way. I felt like I had to respond. 

But before I could, my CrunchFund partner Michael Arrington wrote almost exactly what I would have written — but in a more effective way. As a dog owner/lover, Michael thought up a great analogy: “So the belly is shown.”

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Idiots Say Mitt Romney Is Losing Because Of How He Uses Facebook


Did you know Mitt Romney is having a Facebook problem? Did you know it could COST HIM THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

That’s what this one guy at Forbes said … because Forbes is a reliable source of information. 

At least … they used to be. Then they started letting guys like me and over six hundred other assholes say whatever they want under the Forbes name. Now it’s like The Huffington Post without sexy bikini photos and kittens: Fucking terrible.

Oh well. I thought I’d share this to give you a good laugh on a Sunday morning. Enjoy!

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